BigTech will heavily censor material, even if factual and true, that runs counter to the establishment narrative regarding COVID-19.

Some Quotes

Stop wearing face masks. #coronavirus

– Rep. Eric Swalwell (@RepSwalwell), 4 Mar 2020

They're not scared that you're not wearing a mask, or else they'd distance themselves. They're scared that you are being disobedient.

– Michael Malice (@michaelmalice), 2 Mar 2021

lol #BoycottAmazon brought to you by the same people who demanded this entire country be shut down in perpetuity thus destroying main street and making Amazon the only choice for many Americans.

– TheQuartering (@TheQuartering), 7 Mar 2021

If Google's policy -- that you get banned for saying *anything* about COVID-19 that deviates from the views of WHO, Dr. Fauci & friends -- were in place in March, 2020, then you'd have been banned for *urging people to wear masks*. That's when WHO/Fauci were anti-mask.

– Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald), 9 Apr 2021