YouTube Issues Three False Strikes on a Single Video by Spaceshot76

YouTube Content Removed Spaceshot76

Spaceshot76, a political commentary channel, received three false “impersonation” strikes on one single video, all within a month, the final strike coming after the video was already removed by YouTube. Speaking to about ten months later, Spaceshot76 summarized the situation:

…they flagged me three times for the same video, and said I was guilty of impersonation … initially it was for bullying and harassment and I appealed and it was the only appeal I’d ever [won] through YouTube, then a week later they flagged the same video that they had already cleared and hit me for impersonation this time. …another 10 or so days later I got flagged for the same exact video that was already removed…

The video in question is simply a 20 minute commentary on some current events and is still available on BitChute.

Sources / Relevant Material

  1. Screenshots of the false strikes
  2. Email communications between Spaceshot76 and YouTube Support over the false strikes