YouTube Suspends Michelle Malkin

YouTube Twitter Content Removed Suspended COVID-19

YouTube removed an interview that political activist Michelle Malkin conducted nearly a year prior because it violated YouTube’s policies against “medical misinformation.” YouTube also prevented Malkin from uploading or streaming for one week. Malkin was then prevented from even sharing the link on Twitter (which already warns against following any BitChute links):

This morning, YouTube banned an interview I did last June with two Colorado moms who fought to protect religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccine mandates and who exposed attempts by Colorado control freaks to track homeschooling families who refuse vaccines for their children. I tried to share the link to the Bitchute back-up of the banned video on Twitter, but Twitter blocked the link. This is the forbidden video. Please watch and share.

– Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) 23 Apr 2021

Malkin appealed the strike, and it was promptly rejected.

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