YouTube Removes Rose/Icke II

YouTube Vimeo Content Removed COVID-19

On March 18, David Icke and Brian Rose (of London Real) had their first conversation of 2020. The video racked up over 7 million views and received the most comments in London Real history.

On April 6, David Icke did another interview with Brian Rose on London Real (dubbed Rose/Icke II) which was titled “DAVID ICKE – THE CORONAVIRUS CONSPIRACY: HOW COVID-19 WILL SEIZE YOUR RIGHTS & DESTROY OUR ECONOMY.” YouTube took the video down 30 minutes after it was released, which was followed shortly thereafter by Vimeo removing it as well. From Brian Rose’s Instagram post:

Yesterday London Real broadcast the 2nd most watched LIVE stream IN THE WORLD, with 64,000 people watching concurrently at the peak. 340,000 people watched for a total time of 14 years!! And guess what? We even made over $1000 in donations on the stream and I’ve never asked for donations in our 9 year history!! Sounds like a popular video that more people should be able to watch right? WRONG. 30 minutes later it was banned from YouTube without explanation and with no reply to repeated messages. A 1 hour version of the episode was subsequently uploaded and after 50,000 views it was banned as well.

To add insult to injury, YouTube gave “no explanation” to Rose, but they did talk to the press. From Reclaim The Net:

Rose was also critical of YouTube, a platform he has worked with for more than eight years, for talking to the press without giving London Real any explanation about why the video was removed.

“You tell the BBC you’re going to take my video off and why but you don’t tell me,” Rose said. “I still don’t know why.”

For Brian Rose and David Icke, this was just the beginning, as starting the very next day, they would see content being removed from several major platforms.

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