YouTube Removes Yet Another Liberty Report for 'Medical Misinfo'

YouTube Content Removed COVID-19

YouTube removed yet another episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report for “medical misinformation.” This time, it was a video partially dedicated to questioning the motives of psychopath Bill Gates.

ATTN: Ron Paul Liberty Report Viewers! @YouTube has notified us we violated their “community guidelines” over a recent show about Bill Gates. If our appeal is rejected we’ll be taken off the air for one week. It’s the first step toward canceling the Liberty Report entirely. Help!

– Ron Paul (@RonPaul) 20 Apr 2021

The description of the video, which is still available on Odysee, read as follows:

Bill Gates doesn’t need the money, that is for sure. So what motivates him to spend billions of dollars on organizations that seek to destroy our privacy and run our lives? It is a big ego trip…or worse? Plus - shameful arrest of a mother in Idaho and Texas Governor Abbott’s pitifully weak “recovery” plan. All in today’s Liberty Report.

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