YouTube Removes Ron Paul Liberty Report Episode Questioning COVID-19 Narrative

YouTube Content Removed COVID-19

YouTube removed an episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report which covered information from two whistleblowers that exposed highly questionable COVID-19 testing procedures. Additionally, the channel received a warning.

YouTube has censored today’s Ron Paul Liberty Report discussing two whistleblowers challenging parts of the coronavirus narrative. They have issued my YouTube channel a “warning” which they say could lead to the removal of my channel. I have appealed their decision. (image)

– Ron Paul (@RonPaul) 23 Sep 2020

In the beginning of the video (still available on BitChute), Dr. Paul mentions how free expression is being undermined by social media censorship:

I’ve always considered the principle of the first amendment as so crucial, as being allowed to talk and express ourselves, and of course, I always thought the internet would be our bosom buddies on this, and yet we can get blackballed on social media, too.

YouTube removed another episode, which among other things was critical of Fauci, about three months later.

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