YouTube Pulls Video By Last American Vagabond About Vaccines

YouTube Content Removed COVID-19 The Last American Vagabond

YouTube removed a video from The Last American Vagabond’s backup channel titled “FDA Admits 2 People Died In Pfizer Trials, Vaccines And Nanoparticles & Debunking Another Mask Study”, claiming it violated YouTube’s “medical misinformation policy.”

Unsurprisingly @YouTube once again censored my last show immediately, despite all of it being sourced to the CDC, FDA, etc. #FactsAreFakeNewsOnYouTube #BoycottYouTube Here is the show on @bitchute , a platform not dedicated to controlling your world view.…

– LastAmericanVagabond (@TLAVagabond) 21 Oct 2020

The video can still be viewed here on BitChute and here on Odysee. The Last American Vagabond’s main YouTube channel was banned about a month and half prior.

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