YouTube Removes Already-Censored Video by Matt Christiansen

YouTube Content Removed Wtf... COVID-19 Matt Christiansen

Matt Christiansen released a video covering the highly-censored “White Coat Summit.” YouTube promptly removed this video because it contained information and opinions that contradicted the WHO. So Matt re-uploaded the video with all potential violations blurred and bleeped out.

YouTube banned my video this morning simply for talking about the wrongthink doctor press conference, so I blurred their faces and censored ‘hydrxchl*roq**ne.’ 🙄

Full video here:

Uncensored on BitChute:

– Matt Christiansen (@MLChristiansen) 29 Jul 2020

YouTube still removed this video as well and upheld their decision when Matt appealed.

Ridiculous. My video was taken down AGAIN. I will appeal this one. Still available on BitChute here:

– Matt Christiansen (@MLChristiansen) 29 Jul 2020

YouTube has issued a final decision to ax my video. Meanwhile, CNN can play the exact same clip on YouTube and discuss it like I did. That’s just fine. You absolute hacks, @SusanWojcicki @TeamYouTube @YTCreators

– Matt Christiansen (@MLChristiansen) 29 Jul 2020

The uncensored version of the video can still be viewed on BitChute and on Minds.

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