YouTube Re-Demonetizes News2Share

YouTube Defunded Ford Fischer

Six months after demonetizing News2Share as part of the Vox Adpocalypse, YouTube allowed the channel to be monetized again, but demonetized each and every video on the channel:

While @TeamYouTube apparently remonetized my 1200 video *channel* yesterday, every *video* was demonetized.

Some falsely were marked as confirmed manually as unsuitable; some marked as under review. About 1/4 of them had the option to request review.

I did.

All reviews denied.

– Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) 23 Dec 2019

Sources / Relevant Material

  3. Reclaim The Net "Ford Fischer highlights YouTube’s unfair treatment of independent journalists" by Carl Sinclair (24 Dec 2019)