YouTube Purges Channels Spreading "Harmful Conpsiracy Theories"

YouTube Banned Policy Decisions Government Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal

In a blog post, YouTube bragged about how many conspiracy channels and videos had been removed up until this point, and then announced the further purge of channels they deemed to be spreading “harmful conspiracy theories”:

Today we’re further expanding both our hate and harassment policies to prohibit content that targets an individual or group with conspiracy theories that have been used to justify real-world violence. One example would be content that threatens or harrasses someone by suggesting they are complicit in one of these harmful conspiracies, such as QAnon or Pizzagate.

This occurred the very next day after the New York Post published its exposé on Hunter Biden resulting in Twitter and Facebook taking action to suppress its reach.

Below are just the channels we were able to identify as part of this purge, listed in order of subscriber count. One week later, many of these same accounts were suddenly banned from Patreon as well.

ChannelSubscriber Count
Edge of Wonder467k
Amazing Polly376k
Mouthy Buddha297k
JustInformed Talk281k
The Patriot Hour249k
In Pursuit of Truth (IPOT)243k
Destroying the Illusion238k
Alice Down the Rabbit Hole174k
World Alternative Media154k
Mark Taylor109k
Patriot’s Soapbox80k
Titus Frost44k
Global Watchmen News30k

Sources / Relevant Material

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