YouTube Pulls Louder With Crowder Livestream of Biden Town Hall

YouTube Content Removed Copyright Steven Crowder

YouTube pulled a Louder With Crowder livestream of a Joe Biden CNN Town Hall event and issued a community guideline strike based on copyright infringement. The copyright complaint turned out to be fraudulent from someone who had repeatedly filed false copyright claims. Crowder and his half-Asian lawyer Bill Richmond summarized the situation on the show a few days later:

(Bill Richmond): The DMCA does say that if you get a valid complaint that is signed under penalty of perjury and all that, and they represent who they are, then you have to take this material down. However, this person is a known quantity. The email that was used to send this particular request was already flagged in 2019 and 2018, publicly, as someone who had falsely represented that they were part of various media companies. That’s besides the fact that this wasn’t even a copyright violation at all.

(Steven Crowder): And guess what? We don’t get that revenue back. When you’re doing a stream, and it’s getting more viewers than CNN, … you don’t get it back.

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