YouTube Demonetizes Franc Analysis

YouTube Defunded

YouTube demonetized Franc Analysis, a progressive political talk show, even though the channel wasn’t even monetized to begin with.

I haven’t even been monetized for 2 months and @YouTube just demonetized me. This is absolutely unfair and predatory for a corporation to go after a small channel like mine who only just began to grow.

– Franc Analysis (@B43Franco) 3 Feb 2021

Franco, the host of Franc Analysis, also mentioned how YouTube had been placing links to QAnon on his videos even if he doesn’t mention QAnon at all in them:

I forgot to mention this in my stream. They keep putting Q Anon Wikipedia page links to videos that aren’t associated with Q Anon or don’t even mention it or say Q Anon is stupid.

– Franc Analysis (@B43Franco) 3 Feb 2021

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