YouTube Demonetizes CyberDemon531

YouTube Defunded

YouTube demonetized CyberDemon531, an anarcho-communist who hosts a show called Above It All. YouTube did not provide specific examples of which content caused this.

Youtube just demonetized my entire channel because I cover news and controversial subjects. Wow.

Please signal boost this, this will affect me quite a lot going forward.

– Andrea Of The Anti-Fascist Variety (@PAWGsForBernie) 3 Feb 2021

In a follow up video, Andrea (CyberDemon531) correctly pointed out how a channel being demonetized doesn’t mean that the channel’s videos won’t contain ads:

YouTube is still running advertisements on my channel. The difference between being demonetized and being monetized is not ads running on my channel. The difference is they’re going to continue running ads on my channel, except they’re not going to give me a cut.

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