YouTube Bans TheCrowhouse

YouTube Content Removed Banned Max Igan

After removing most of his prior month’s videos, YouTube outright deleted Max Igan’s channel TheCrowhouse without warning. His 12 year old channel had over 237k subscribers and nearly 22 million lifetime views.

Youtube just terminated TheCrowhouse channel. No warning, one strike and gone, 13 years of my life’s work, over 1000 videos, 236k subscribers, deleted. Please subscribe to my old AodScarecrow channel and to TheCrowhouse on bitchute.…

– max igan (@maxigan) 8 Jul 2020

One of the last videos Max published, less than a week before his ban, was titled “Welcome to the Wonderful World of We Control What You Can Say” (which can still be viewed on altCensored and on BitChute). In it, he points out how politicians are the ones causing real harm, not the virus:

…none of the economic hardship that we’re seeing is a result of COVID-19. COVID-19 has done nothing to the world economy. What has happened to the world economy is it has been decimated by politicians, and they’ve used COVID-19 as the excuse to do that.

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