YouTube Bans Rachel Reenstra

YouTube Banned Content Removed COVID-19

YouTube banned Rachel Reenstra after she uploaded a preview of an interview she did with someone from Ireland talking about the COVID-19 lockdowns and vaccines:

The censorship is getting real! Take control of your right to freedom of speech and follow me on the best new platform out there right now -Youtube removed my channel for a video about immunity and health- and you think this is normal? #WakeUp #censorship

– Rachel Reenstra (@Rachelreenstra) 24 Feb 2021

Her main channel contained all 24 years of her professional work which was luckily backed up on Odysee. Her second channel was deleted a couple weeks later after she uploaded the clip of Wendy Williams saying she is not getting a covid vaccine because she doesn’t trust it.

Rachel Reenstra is on alternative video-hosting platforms, primarily BrandNewTube, but she’s also on Odysee and on Rumble.

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