Google & YouTube Ban Mark Collett

Google YouTube Banned

Mark Collett, British Nationalist and political activist, had both his Google account and YouTube channel deleted. His YouTube channel was banned for an 11 month old video titled Patriotic Weekly Review - A Tribute to Simon Harris which contained “hate speech.” The 15 year old channel had nearly 93k subscribers and over 10 million total views.

YouTube have just permanently suspended my channel and my Google Account. I have had that account since around the time YouTube began and have been posting videos since 2016. At peak, I had nearly 99,000 subscribers, tens of millions of views and individual videos with over one million views each. You can still find my videos and shows on alternative platforms that support free speech.

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– Mark Collett (@markacollett) 22 Apr 2021

Since his Google account was simultaneously deleted, Collett filed an appeal to which Google responded “Thank you for contacting us about your disabled Google account.” The appeal was soon denied with Google saying “The email address you inquired about is not associated with an active Google Account.”

A channel named Mark Collett Clips was deleted less than a week later on April 28th.

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