YouTube Bans James Allsup

YouTube Banned

YouTube deleted James Allsup’s channel, which had about 450k+ subscribers and no violations or strikes. This comes exactly two weeks after he was banned from Facebook and Instagram.

It’s gone.

Today YouTube decided to delete my channel without cause. I had no channel strikes, no violations, nothing- simply an email telling me that my livelihood, my means to exercise my political voice, my business I’d built over almost three years, was taken away from me.

Please contact @TeamYouTube, @YTCreators, and @youtube and demand they reverse this egregious act of censorship. We will only get this done through mass action! They did it for Black Pigeon Speaks and I think there’s an equally strong case here.

I know it’s not something we want to think about, but in the eventuality I do not get the channel back, this is going to be hugely disruptive for me (obviously.) If you appreciate my work, or have appreciated it over the years, and want to help me launch the Public Square Initiative or simply keep the lights on, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you all for your support.

BTC: 1BBBx4amivWENfuUmV5aCaUgkk3rEmUtSh

– James Allsup (@realjamesallsup) 26 Aug 2019

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