YouTube Bans The Dollar Vigilante

YouTube Banned COVID-19 The Dollar Vigilante

YouTube banned The Dollar Vigilante, a financial newsletter and political commentary channel, after they were issued a third strike within a 90 day period. The third strike was for violating YouTube’s “medical misinformation policy.” The channel had over 304k subscribers and more than 37.1 million total views across about 1000 videos.

The Dollar Vigilante, after thousands of videos, tens of millions of views and 300,000+ subscribers, has now officially been deleted from Youtube! Make sure to follow us at @bitchute, @LBRYcom and at and sign up on our email list at our website

– Jeff Berwick (@BerwickJeff) 9 Dec 2020

In a video released shortly after being banned, Jeff Berwick mentioned how good it feels not to self censor and the benefit of having an audience on alternative sites:

You know what? It feels great. Because for all year, I had to self censor just to stay on f**king YouTube, and now I don’t. I don’t have to at all. So, it actually feels very freeing. And luckily, we’ve got already very large audiences on other sites.

Several media outlets mistakenly thought The Dollar Vigilante had been banned about two months prior, on October 15th, but this was just the result of the channel opting to unlist its videos due to the risk of being banned from a third strike. Berwick was banned from Twitter about five days later.

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