YouTube Bans CoinDesk (Reinstated)

YouTube Banned Wtf...

YouTube banned CoinDesk, an independent news outlet that mostly focuses on crypto-currency news and updates. As to the reason, CoinDesk reported that YouTube emailed the following with no elaboration: “Content that encourages illegal activities or incites users to violate YouTube’s guidelines is not allowed on YouTube.”

The entire @CoinDesk channel, including “The Hash” which I co-host, was deleted from YouTube. Please watch the show on 🙏 🙏 (Much better than trusting a 3rd party to host your content!)

This is why @LBRYcom exists, and I’m so grateful for it 🙏

– Naomi Brockwell (@naomibrockwell) 26 Feb 2021

The channel was reinstated about two days later when YouTube confirmed that CoinDesk’s channel is in fact not in violation of their guidelines.

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