Wranglerstar Leaves Patreon

Patreon Voluntarily Left

On December 19th, twelve days after the Sargon ban, Wranglerstar released a video announcing that he has left Patreon altogether and encouraging others to do the same. Some key points from the video:

It’s the fact that someone disagrees, and that there’s a group of folks sitting in an ivory tower in California somewhere, deeming thumbs up or thumbs down, whether you will be able to make a living or be able to even have your message on the web at all.

I hope that everyone who sees this, that is supporting creators through Patreon, will pull all of their funding. I know this is a hard thing, and I know it’s not fair to the creators that are making a living from this, but the precedent that they’re setting is too dangerous, and we can’t stand by and allow this to happen.

We have this small group of people, I don’t know who they are or who appointed them, dictating to us what we can and cannot say.

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