Twitter Suspends Titania Mcgrath

Twitter Suspended No Jokes Allowed

Twitter gave a one week suspension to Titania McGrath, a satirical SJW account run by comedian Andrew Doyle:

So @TitaniaMcGrath has been suspended for 7 days for pretending to slag me off in this tweet.

Oh Twitter, never change… 😂

– Lisa (@godblesstoto) 15 Sep 2019

“Titania” issued the following statement on the suspension:

The fascists at Twitter have suspended my account for 7 days for the crime of resisting hate and fighting for social justice. Like Nelson Mandela, I have been silenced for speaking truth to power. I think he was banned from Twitter as well.

They are right to fear me. I am dismantling the patriarchy, one tweet at a time. I am obliterating Nazis with my devastating hashtags. I am standing up for minorities who haven’t had the necessary education to know what their opinions should be.

I am oppressed in so many ways. I am oppressed by the patriarchy because I am a woman. I am oppressed by restaurants that fail to offer a decent range of vegan options. I am oppressed by white people because I am hay-racial (my racial identity flucuates according to the pollen count). Now I am being oppressed by Twitter.

I have always supported censorship of those who have the wrong opinions. But to censor my wisdom is an act that should be classified as a form of intellectual genocide. But I shall rise again.

For I am justice. I am truth. I am Titania McGrath.

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