Twitter Suspends Rachel Blevins For Sharing 'Collateral Murder' Video

Twitter Suspended Content Removed Government

Twitter suspended journalist Rachel Blevins for posting the Wikileaks “Collateral Murder” video on the 11th anniversary of its release:

Wow… Twitter just locked my account and forced me to remove a Tweet containing the ‘Collateral Murder’ video released by Assange 11 years ago today.

They claim it violates their policy on graphic content—I would argue the US Military’s war crimes need infinitely more exposure.

– Rachel Blevins (@RachBlevins) 5 Apr 2021

This footage should be shared, not just because it documents history, but because it shows the American people that the US Military gets away with horrific war crimes far more than the media wants to acknowledge…

– Rachel Blevins (@RachBlevins) 5 Apr 2021

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