Twitter Suspends Julian Assange Defense Account (Reinstated)

Twitter Suspended Government

Twitter suspended @Unity4J, one of the primary accounts supporting Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, without warning or explanation.

I have no doubt that @unity4j’s twitter account was suspended because it was a hub of useful information on solidarity events and actions in support of #Assange #WikiLeaks #ChelseaManning and more. Horrendous #censorship to suspend the account, @twittersupport.

– Elizabeth Lea Vos (@ElizabethleaVos) 11 Jul 2019

We know that @twitter can and does reinstate accounts after suspension in the wake of a public outcry: @caitoz was suspended only to be reinstated after multiple journalists spoke out against it. @twittersupport @jack reinstate @Unity4J, an account that never broke Twitter rules.

– Elizabeth Lea Vos (@ElizabethleaVos) 12 Jul 2019

The account was reinstated about a week later.

Twitter had restricted the account of Julian Assange’s mother, Christine Assange, several months prior.

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