Twitter Suspends Hogan Gidley

Twitter Suspended Government US Election 2020

Twitter temporarily suspended Hogan Gidley, the national press secretary for the Trump campaign, for violating Twitter’s rules against “posting misleading information about voting” after he tweeted the following:

Got ‘my’…uh wait…no…”Daniel’s” ballot in the mail?!? Who is that? Apparently it’s a former tenant who hasn’t lived in the unit for 8 YEARS!!! But yeah, sure…the mainstream media is correct…unsolicited vote-by-mail is ‘totally safe.'

This happened just hours before the final presidental debate and about two weeks before the election.

I, like many other Americans, received a ballot in the mail that was not meant for me. Twitter suspended my account for simply posting about it.

This censorship is insanity.

We must continue to expose and fight Big Tech’s clear bias against conservatives who speak the truth.

– J. Hogan Gidley (@JHoganGidley) 22 Oct 2020

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