Twitter Suspends Donald Trump Jr.

Twitter Suspended COVID-19

Shortly after deleting some of President Trump’s tweets, Twitter suspended Donald Trump Jr. for “spreading misinformation” after he tweeted a link to the highly-censored “White Coat Summit”, a press conference held by America’s Frontline Doctors. He highlighted the double standard that exists around social media censorship in an interview with Fox News following his suspension:

Conservatives, and people who believe in conservative values, have been targeted by these people who have no problem allowing a platform of free speech to the Ayatollah, to communist China, to people who are committing genocide, that’s not a problem. But I post a video that’s just an alternate thought by actual doctors … and that was “spreading misinformation.”

. . .

The Chinese government spreading disinformation is not a violation of their rules, but me saying “Hey, this is interesting. It’s very different than the narrative that they’ve been cramming down our throats. Maybe you should watch it and make up your own minds.”, that was enough to get thrown off the platform.

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