Twitter Suspends Chrissie Mayr For... Flagging Child Porn On Twitter?

Twitter Suspended Wtf...

Twitter suspended comedian and podcaster Chrissie Mayr after she tried to have child porn accounts removed from Twitter by tweeting links to the accounts and encouraging people to flag and report them. This, according to Twitter, was a violation of the platform’s Child Sexual Exploitation Policy.

.@chrissiemayr was SUSPENDED for helping take down a PEDOPHILE’s page & getting people to report it. Listen to that again

#Twitter SUSPENDED #CHRISSIEMAYR for REPORTING/SHARING a #Pedophile profile in order to help TAKE IT DOWN. FIX THIS @twittersafety @Jack

Are we awake yet?

– Frank Pellegrino (@FrankP614) 10 Aug 2020

A couple of weeks later, in an interview with Michael Malice on his show “Your Welcome”, Chrissie Mayr detailed the whole situation again:

…I’m tweeting out about this account, like you guys gotta report this. And then I get banned from Twitter. I get suspended from Twitter for like a few hours. Meanwhile, it took Twitter like four hours to acknowledge the fact that we had reported this account. … I wasn’t like retweeting the child porn. I was just going like “This is this dude’s account. We should all be reporting this guy.”

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