Twitter Suspends Blonde For Saying Muslims Perpetuate a Rape Culture

Twitter Suspended Blonde

Twitter suspended Blonde for the second time in two weeks for saying something to the effect of ‘Muslims perpetuate a rape culture.’

The always spunky @Blondes_tweets has just gotten suspended, again! She got into trouble for a tweet saying that Muslims perpetuate a rape culture, but she’ll be back next week. (Who knows for how long though, she’s fiery AF 🤣)

Lauren Chen (@TheLaurenChen) 13 Nov 2017

Blonde’s tweet was in response one of several ridiculous tweets by the Wiltshire Police Department that showed their eagerness to combat online hate crimes rather than the increases in rampant violent crime they’ve seen over the past decade or so.

Blonde briefly described this second suspension in the beginning of the Beauty and the Beta Sunday Stream #78:

… I responded that there’s a culture of rape festering in your community, you know, like, you people are totally insane. And that was the tweet that got me locked out most recently.

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