Twitter Announces Crackdown on "Misleading" Vaccine Information

Twitter Policy Decisions COVID-19 Government

Twitter announced in a blog post that they would be removing tweets that contain “harmful false or misleading information” about COVID-19 vaccines and labeling tweets that “advance unsubstantiated rumors.” From the announcement:

Moving forward and beginning next week, we are expanding the policy and may require people to remove Tweets which advance harmful false or misleading narratives about COVID-19 vaccinations, including:

  • False claims that suggest immunizations and vaccines are used to intentionally cause harm to or control populations, including statements about vaccines that invoke a deliberate conspiracy;
  • False claims which have been widely debunked about the adverse impacts or effects of receiving vaccinations; or
  • False claims that COVID-19 is not real or not serious, and therefore that vaccinations are unnecessary.

Starting in early 2021, we may label or place a warning on Tweets that advance unsubstantiated rumors, disputed claims, as well as incomplete or out-of-context information about vaccines.

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