Twitter Bans Tolerance Police (@DiversityPatrol)

Twitter Banned No Jokes Allowed

Twitter banned the satirical account Tolerance Police (@DiversityPatrol) as part of a satire purge that was carried out over the course of a few days:

Man down - @DiversityPatrol

Power shall not be mocked. There is a US election coming and naughty UK accounts must be silenced. That’s how desperate they look to me.

– Minitrue⁺ (@banthebbc) 18 Aug 2020

The Tolerance Police joined Parler shortly after the Twitter ban and issued the following statement there:

Following Far-Right issues with our Twitter account, which we can only assume are the result of a Hard-Right Nazi Tommy Robinson (not his real name) inspired Hack Attack of Hate, we’ve now moved over to the Alt-Right Parler, which Chief Khan informed us very worryingly describes itself as a ‘free speech platform,’ which we must put a stop to.

We would like to reassure all Citizens that, despite what has happened on Twitter our Re-Education Centres are still open and we’re as active and as eager to capture Thought Criminals as ever! All Hail JezSoc!

Diversity Is Our Strength!

Your friendly Tolerance Police Team.

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