Twitter Bans Mike Lindell After Locking Him Out For Two Weeks

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Twitter banned Mike Lindell (@realMikeLindell), the CEO of My Pillow, for violating Twitter’s Civic Integrity Policy by spreading “election misinformation.” Lindell told the StarTribune that he had been locked out of his account for the prior two weeks, only to be completely banned after briefly regaining control of his account which had nearly 500k followers.

Lindell’s offense was allegedly committing “repeated violations” of Twitter’s “civic integrity policy,” which prohibits claims that “could undermine faith” in civic processes such as elections. Thank god we have this Tech Clergy to mandate faith-based adherence to civic virtues

– Michael Tracey (@mtracey) 26 Jan 2021

Mike Lindell, the My Pillow Guy, has been banned from Twitter for continuing to doubt the outcome of the election. Yet not a single Democrat has ever been suspended, not even temporarily, for posting false statements / conspiracy theories about Trump/Russia “stealing” the 2016 election.

– Mark Dice (@MarkDice) 26 Jan 2021

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