Twitter Bans Krisanne Hall

Twitter Banned

Twitter banned constitutional expert and podcaster KrisAnne Hall without warning or explanation. Her account had nearly 34k followers and over 43k tweets. She made the following post on Facebook regarding the suspension:

NOTICE- Twitter has suspended my @KrisAnneHall account without notice or reason.

So if you see Tweets, it’s not me.

I can’t imagine who would could possibly be triggered by the Truth or the Constitution 😏

But since there has been no notice of my “violation” I have no way of knowing which truth has triggered which snowflake.


In episode 1171 of The KrisAnne Hall Show, she speculates that she might have been removed from Twitter for continually posting information about COVID-19, particularly the recent CDC report showing that 94% of COVID-19 deaths had other contributing conditions:

Everybody’s quoting CDC on why you have to wear a mask and why you have to social distance. Well now CDC is telling you something, and now you go to Twitter jail for directly quoting the CDC.

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