Twitter Bans Jarvis Dupont

Twitter Banned No Jokes Allowed

Twitter permanently banned the satirical SJW account “Jarvis Dupont” for violating Twitter’s rules against “platform manipulation and spam.” The account had over 128k followers.

Now @JarvisDupont has been suspended.

Twitter is purging satirical accounts that mock identity politics.

Those in power can never tolerate being ridiculed. (image)

– Andrew Doyle (@andrewdoyle_com) 17 Aug 2020

From the open letter that “Jarvis” wrote to Twitter:

As I attempted to post a tweet, another message popped up, informing me that my account was indeed, banned. My fingers silenced. My thumbs impotent. I sunk to my knees and let out a raw, animalistic scream. The evenings spent at Wrightly’s Primeval Naturist Therapy Clinic had served me well, as the ground fair shook beneath me.

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