Twitter Bans The Gateway Pundit

Twitter Banned Government US Election 2020

Twitter banned Jim Hoft, founder of the Gateway Pundit, for violating their “Civic Integrity Policy” shortly after he published an article titled Exclusive: The TCF Center Election Fraud – Newly Discovered Video Shows Late Night Deliveries of Tens of Thousands of Illegal Ballots 8 Hours After Deadline with fellow journalist Cassandra Fairbanks (who was temporarily suspended on the same day for no specific reason). Hoft reported:

In our Saturday tweet we announced that we have more video coming from the TCF Center the November 4th.

And we also warned the careless fact-checkers that we have more information coming that they excluded from their reports on Friday and Saturday.

The tweet this morning had 2.2 thousand tweets and over 7,200 likes.

Twitter suspended The Gateway Pundit account on Saturday afternoon.

The account (@gatewaypundit) had over 375k followers.

Fortunately, the Gateway Pundit is on AltTech!

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