Twitch Announces That It Will Police Off-Site Behavior

Twitch Policy Decisions

Twitch announced that it will start policing behavior that takes place entirely off Twitch itself. The corporation’s enforcement would now be in two categories: 1) existing enforcement against harassment cases that occured both on and off Twitch, and 2) stuff that doesn’t involve Twitch at all. From the blog post that announced this update:

Today, we’re shifting focus and talking about how we plan to address severe misconduct that impacts the Twitch community, but happens off Twitch.

Our current guidelines state that in some serious cases where there is available, verifiable evidence, we may take action against users for hateful conduct or harassment that occurs off Twitch services—meaning on social media, other online services, or even offline—when directed at members of the Twitch community.

We are updating and expanding our approach to off-service enforcement, […]

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