Twitch Adds "just wanted a shoutout" As Reason to Refund Subscription

Twitch Policy Decisions Wtf...

Twitch is an online streaming platform, owned by Amazon, where users can “subscribe” to their favorite streamers by paying a monthly subscription fee in exchange for various perks. Typically when someone subscribes, the streamer will thank that person on stream. Twitch offers users the ability to terminate their subscription and refund them the subscription fee they paid.

In addition to the existing reasons that users might want a refund for subscribing (such as “I accidentally subscribed”), Twitch added “I just wanted a shoutout”, meaning someone could subscribe just to be thanked on stream and then unsubscribe and get a refund within ten minutes, making it easier than ever for people to troll streamers:

Twitch: we are doing our best to protect our streamers from trolls

Also Twitch: here ya go trolls, here’s another zero cost way to troll the streamer

And yes, I confirmed it works. It’s not just a jebait option. I got a refund

One step forward, two steps back

– Sidequest | Tiny (@TalesOfTiny) 8 Mar 2021

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