Twitch Bans Nick Fuentes

Twitch Banned Nick Fuentes

Twitch banned political commentator Nick Fuentes the day after he had a debate with several well-known content creators. In his live stream the day after being banned, Fuentes elaborates on how his channel was targeted and mass reported:

So they get mad that they lose the debate … so naturally, what do they do? … They go onto my Twitch channel … and they raid my chat. And they’re saying the N word, and they’re saying all kinds of other things, … so that they can report their own chat and say “Oh this guy’s problematic, this guy’s really got some hateful messaging in his show.” So they get me kicked off of Twitch.

A few days later, Fuentes had great initial success on DLive (an alternative streaming platform):

My inaugural stream on DLive was the number two most watched stream on the whole site, behind only Pewdiepie. Twitch who??? (image)

– Nicholas J. Fuentes (@NickJFuentes) 11 Apr 2019

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