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YouTube and Facebook deleted Millie Weaver’s documentary ShadowGate for violating “hate speech” rules after it had been live for a couple of days accumulating millions of views.

YouTube just banned Millie Weaver’s new #ShadowGate documentary, claiming it violates their policies against “hate speech.” Twitter won’t even let me post a link to where it was, claiming it leads to “harmful” content.

– Mark Dice (@MarkDice) 16 Aug 2020

The #ShadowGate Documentary has been banned across multiple social media platforms as “hate speech”.

Why are they so scared?

– Millie Weaver (@Millie__Weaver) 19 Aug 2020

Twitter blocked all links to the documentary on YouTube (even after it was removed) as well as censored the #ShadowGate hashtag, actions which received much less media attention than the video itself being removed on other platforms.

No conservative media outlets have reported that the hashtag #ShadowGate has been blocked by Twitter. Click on it, then click on “Latest.” No results. It’s been blocked.

They’re afraid to appear as they’re supporting the documentary because Alex Jones funded it. (image)

– Mark Dice (@MarkDice) 19 Aug 2020

ShadowGate was even removed from Banned.Video, a site that focuses on hosting highly censored videos. The documentary can still be viewed in full on Millie’s website and on BitChute.

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