RSBN Gets Back-to-Back-to-BACK Twitter Suspensions For No Reason

Twitter Suspended Wtf... US Election 2020

Twitter gave Right Side Broadcasting Network, a right-wing news outlet, three consecutive suspensions without providing a reason or explanation. The first two suspensions were for 12 hours each and were followed by a six day suspension. There was no time in between these suspensions and none of them provided any reason or insight as to why Twitter issued them. In fact, in the first suspension notice where you would see a stated reason, it says “Specifically for:” followed by nothing.

The @RSBNetwork has now been suspended for SIX days!? And we still don’t know why or have a reason.

We’ve waited out two 12 hour suspensions and then it says our account is fully restored…but when we click “continue to Twitter”, this happens:

– Joe Seales (@JoeSeales) 20 Jan 2021

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