Twitter Removes 70k Accounts; Right Wing Leaders Hemorrhage Followers

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Twitter released an update four days after they banned President Trump which mentioned how more than 70,000 accounts that were “were engaged in sharing harmful QAnon-associated content at scale” had been removed.

However, many prominent right wing accounts lost far more than just 70,000 followers. The New York Post analyzed the accounts of politicians and published an article that detailed how some Republican Senators lost tens or even hundreds of thousands of followers while some Democrat Senators gained about as much.

Below are some more accounts (linked to archived SocialBlade stats) of individuals on the right who are not Senators who experienced a similar or worse follower loss over the course of Jan 9 - Jan 13. These larger numbers might possibly indicate that many users are deleting their accounts and leaving Twitter.

AccountFollower Loss
Tucker Carlson279,741 (6%)
James O’Keefe117,738 (11.4%)
Steven Crowder85,472 (6.4%)
Jack Posobiec111,965 (8.7%)
Sean Hannity287,282 (5.1%)
Bill O’Reilly190,455 (5.6%)
Laura Ingraham233,768 (5.9%)
Ben Shapiro174,088 (5%)
James Woods219,503 (8%)
Mark Levin231,097 (8%)
Glenn Beck87,657 (6.2%)
Paul Joseph Watson70,792 (5.8%)
Mike Cernovich40,873 (5.7%)
Donald Trump Jr.132,514 (2%)

Sources / Relevant Material

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  2. New York Post "Twitter purge decimates GOP senators after Capitol riot, but Democrats gain" by Jon Levine (16 Jan 2021)