Patreon Bans The Last American Vagabond

Patreon Banned COVID-19 The Last American Vagabond

Patreon banned The Last American Vagabond for “spreading medical misinformation” about a week after Patreon’s “Trust & Safety” team threatened him with account removal unless all of the “medical misinformation” content was removed. Patreon only gave one examle of such violative content, but that content actually cited the WHO:

The cowardly @Patreon told me that I (The Last American Vagabond) will not be able to use their failing & soon to be obsolete platform unless I delete all “medical misinformation” on COVID. Despite the fact that the TLAV link they give is citing the WHO🤦‍♂️.🦠🤡🌎 #BoycottPatreon

– Ignatius J. Reilly (@YoureAllDunces) 18 Feb 2021

The warning notice that Patreon sent to The Last American Vagabond stated that all “medical misinformation” needs to be removed and reiterated Patreon’s now long-stated policy of having their guidelines “extend to any projects that you fund via Patreon”:

Hello, My name is Vesper and I’m on the Trust & Safety team here at Patreon. […] I took a look and reviewed your creator page today. In order to bring your page back within our guidelines, kindly review and remove any and all content that advances COVID-19 medical misinformation. […] Additionally, since our guidelines extend to any projects that you fund via Patreon, this means that online content linked to your creator page is subject to our guidelines.

About a week later, Patreon deleted the account. It had over 450 patrons prior to the initial warning notice (which is when TLAV started encouraging his followers to support through a different mechanism) and about 370 patrons the day it was deleted.

Annnd it’s gone! @Patreon did what we expected them to do, they sold out. And long before censoring me (TLAV). Today, @PatreonSupport has officially suspended my account until I delete my own content. Cowards. Can’t do your own dirty work? #BoycottPatreon

– Ignatius J. Reilly (@YoureAllDunces) 25 Feb 2021

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