Patreon Bans Sargon of Akkad

Patreon Banned Defunded

Sargon of Akkad was banned from Patreon for using offensive language during a guest appearance on another YouTube channel about a year prior. No, this is not made up: this is according to Patreon.

This controversy set off a chain reaction of events, such as the conceptual planning of this site itself.

Shortly after, #PatreonPurge was created on YouTube and on Twitter.

Also, Sargon did a great 10-part video series (all links to BitChute videos) detailing the controversy:

  1. You Cannot Trust Patreon
  2. The Patreon Witch Trials
  3. Then They Came For SubscribeStar
  4. Patreon Double Down
  5. The Trust and Safety Junta
  6. Matt Christiansen’s Call to Patreon
  7. Patreon’s Ministry of Trust and Safety
  8. The Return of Subscribestar
  9. The FTC Complaint
  10. I Am Jack’s Nervous Smile

Sources / Relevant Material

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