Patreon Bans IGD

Patreon Banned Defunded

Shortly after Patreon banned Lauren Southern, several journalists pointed out the hypocrisy in how the platform enforces it’s policies. One of those examples was that IGD (It’s Going Down) had no action against it’s Patreon account despite having committed several violations of Patreon’s policies.

In what was presumably an effort to lighten the controversy around Lauren Southern’s ban, Patreon banned IGD for violations in content it republished. From the Daily Dot:

Again, Conte pointed to observable and available content as violations of the company’s content policy. The evidence against IGD consisted of two articles that were reposted on the leftist website, which unapologetically states its mission is the promotion of both “revolutionary theory and action.” One article featured an instance of doxxing—the publishing of an individual’s personally identifiable information—and another instructed readers on how to sabotage a railway line.

This action by Patreon perfectly illustrates the dangers of censorship: the establishment will censor anyone and any organization that is an inconvenience, and no political faction is immune.

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