Patreon Announces QAnon Purge

Patreon Banned Defunded Policy Decisions

Two days after Media Matters published an article criticizing Patreon for not banning QAnon related accounts, Patreon announced in a blog post that they would be removing accounts that spread “QAnon disinformation”:

While Patreon does not propagate this content directly, there are a small number of creators on the platform who have supported the QAnon conspiracy theory with their work. Because of this, and the fact that we have seen a number of other online platforms become overrun with pages and groups actively focused around QAnon disinformation, we are taking action. In an effort to assess and combat this growing threat, Patreon’s Policy and Trust & Safety teams have individually identified the creator accounts that have engaged in spreading QAnon-supporting disinformation.

Below are just a few of the higher profile accounts we were able to identify as part of this purge, listed by patron count:

AccountPatron Count
JustInformed Talk520
Woke Societies236
Martin Geddes236
Patriots’ Soapbox News62

Sources / Relevant Material

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