Odysee Adds Livestreaming!

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Alternative video-hosting platform Odysee starting gradually rolling out the ability for users to livestream:


Look for the ‘go live’ button

500 users get it today. Reply in comments with your channel name if you want access over the next day or so.

This will be a gradual (daily) roll out

– Odysee (@OdyseeTeam) 1 Apr 2021

The new feature was completely rolled out about three weeks later!

Everyone can livestream on odysee now

Just need 50 lbc staked If you don’t have the lbc, a friend can boost you or just ask us

🥳 🤗

– Odysee (@OdyseeTeam) 22 Apr 2021

Odysee added “hyperchats” (think superchats) a few days after that.

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