Netflix & YouTube Suppress Upper Echelon's Review of "I Care A Lot"

Netflix YouTube Restricted Copyright Upper Echelon Gamers

YouTube honored a copyright complaint manually filed by Netflix against a video published by Upper Echelon Gaming that was a review of the recent Netflix movie I Care A Lot. The video simply played clips of the movie in the background without audio. YouTube suppressed and demonetized the video, but it is still fully available on Odysee.

Someone from Netflix manually claimed my “I Care a Lot” review. It got blocked for 65% of my audience as a result and no monetization allowed.

I have disputed, but who knows how that goes.

Fuck you @netflix … go back to making CP like cuties. Wait, maybe don’t.

– Upper Echelon Gaming (@UE_UpperEchelon) 3 Mar 2021

Oh yeah, and your movie fuckin sucks. Get over it. Just because my review is continuing to climb in viewership showcasing how bad it actually is doesn’t mean one of your tech monkeys can illegally strike it down.

– Upper Echelon Gaming (@UE_UpperEchelon) 3 Mar 2021

Upper Echelon disputed the copyright claim, and Netflix released the claim about a week later.

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