Mailchimp Bans SGTreport

Mailchimp Banned

Mailchimp banned SGTreport, an independent media outlet that had a 14k member mailing list on the platform. Mailchimp didn’t seem to provide a specific reason for the account termination outside of a “deactivation” notice when SGTreport attempted to log in.

GET THIS: If you think for a SECOND the fascist big tech co’s aren’t all COLLUDING to SILENCE US: On 10-15 @YouTube “suspended” BOTH SGT Report YT channels severing my ability to reach 745K people. Now @Mailchimp just deactivated my account and locked up my email list. @HawleyMO

– SGTreport (@SGTreport) 19 Oct 2020

SGTreport was banned from YouTube four days prior and banned from Patreon three days later.

Sources / Relevant Material

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