London Real and David Icke Have Content Removed From Several Major Platforms

Instagram Facebook Vimeo Dropbox Content Removed COVID-19

London Real came under attack as a result of airing Rose/Icke II, an interview Brian Rose had with David Icke which was taken down a half hour after being released. On top of technological attacks towards London Real’s digital infrastructure, both London Real and David Icke had many videos removed from several major platforms. Rose details this about four and a half minutes into Rose/Icke III (talking to Icke):

The next day, a BBC article broke the news, and our representatives at YouTube accused you of being a COVID-19 denier and subsequently deleted and banned an additional 10 of your videos and my personal vlogs from our YouTube channels. Instagram, Facebook and Dropbox followed suit by deleting and banning more of our videos, and then London Real was completely deplatformed from LinkedIn and Vimeo without explanation.

Sources / Relevant Material

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  2. BitChute "DI3" by London Real (10 May 2020)