Larry Sanger Announces YouTube Boycott

YouTube Voluntarily Left AltTech Growth US Election 2020

Larry Sanger, co-founder of Wikipedia, announced that he would be boycotting YouTube and taking his content over to BitChute. This happened shortly after the announcement that YouTube would be removing any content critical of the 2020 election:

1/ YouTube is now blocking any objection to Democratic assertions that Biden has won the election. I am not kidding.

Just look at this from YT’s blog.

This is the last straw. Looks like we are going to have to quit YouTube. I think I am, anyway.


I don’t think I can justify using my @YouTube account any longer. I think this means I have to move all my content to BitChute.

3/ If you support YouTube with your content at this point, you are supporting a system that would actively censor about half of the American electorate. Political. Censorship. About a contested election. My God!


– Larry Sanger (@lsanger) 9 Dec 2020

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