Google Removes Hexagod Bitchute App From the Play Store

Google Banned Apps

Google removed a third-party BitChute app (by a developer named Hexagod) from the Play Store claiming that it violated the “Webviews and Affiliate Spam Policy.” The app had 220k installations before it was removed.

It sucks that we just got banned now when I was getting ready to post the video encoder and the release after this next one was about to completely get rid of the webviews. I would have already taken the app off of webview in march if the API had came out when it was slated to

– ĦęΧąġøđ (@VybeyPantelonez) 29 Oct 2020

One of the reasons Google gave for the removal was that the corporation does not allow apps that “drive affiliate traffic to a website … without the permission from the website owner or administrator.” BitChute responded to this claim with the following:

The Bitchute app by @VybeyPantelonez has been suspended from Googles Playstore. Contrary to the message below there was never any affiliate deal and permission was given

– BitChute (@bitchute) 29 Oct 2020

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