Google Removes LBRY App From Play Store

Google Banned Apps

Google removed the LBRY app from the Play Store because they claimed the app “contains content doesn’t comply with the Sexual Content and Profanity policy.”

LBRY for Android has been suspended.

Google doesn’t believe you should be allowed to decide for yourself about what you want to read, watch and hear.

They think they should decide for you. (image)

– LBRY (@LBRYcom) 25 Sep 2020

This situation is very similar to when Google removed the Gab app in the sense that these apps are not able to censor the content that they allow you to access.

LBRY allows anyone to have a voice

Our unique design means no one, even us, can take your right to publish away

That’s why it’s so utterly terrifying to the establishment

They’re used to being in control

– LBRY (@LBRYcom) 27 Sep 2020

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